Welcome Home!

As the Turtle knows well, we are always home.

All we need to do is look within.


Sacred in the Round is here to support that process, by:


Providing services that encourage

 "whole human" wellness -including the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic & social balancing of health.


Striving to steer our experience in wellness care

towards a more sustainable model of investment for both giver and receiver through an attitude kindred to the Natural world by opening our services to a range of economic systems and by supporting the collective model of operation.


Building Awareness through Self-inquiry

is about discovering solitude and community at the same time.  

The steps toward finding (and maintaining) Self-Awareness are personal to you and part of what we aim to facilitate: your journey within.

What we do

is help you stay with, or perhaps discover for the first time, your path of heart through specific and targeted practices that help hone in your sense of self-awareness and purpose.


At the heart of uncovering answers to deeply held, or newly uncovered, personal quests lies a very special space within you. That place is what we consider sacred.

And it is towards this sacred space we wish to guide you...


To get there, however, takes effort. 

How Sacred in the Round facilitates this Journey

That most precious and often mysterious understanding of ourselves and the world is Sacred, often ineffable. We seek to connect with you, and connect you with, this deeper experience in Life. We base our operations off the teachings given in abundance to us from the natural world: that of cooperation, inevitable change, cyclic flow, and of course, rhythm. 

This is why our mission is to exchange with one another in a sustainable and creative way so that together we raise consciousness one connection at a time.

It is necessary to discover and collect a personalized set of practices that will help maintain the integrity needed for us to develop and sustain our balanced Way, and we are here to help remind you that those answers lie within you and there are a vast number of practices this world has to offer that might suit your constitution and situation best. 

We, however, offer a specific set of practices to help guide you toward your personalized collection.


Through guided drum journeys, various forms of  Yoga, sacred hoop dance and arts, facilitated ceremony, and guided nature walks with physical conditioning, we embark on the process with you.

Then, we learn together what your next steps need to be and what other practices you could gather that would help you personally walk your path of heart with grace and stability.

By embracing the wellness collective model we call in other forms of healing practices to encourage the growth and expansion of discovery for all involved and it is through Sacred in the Round: Wellness Collective that you can blend into your collection other healing practices along your Path.

We believe:

A healthy community embraces and shares the gifts each inhabitant has to offer. 



Abundancy Model for Social Change


In order to embrace and celebrate differences,

we need to break down metaphorical "walls" and barriers that agendas, divisiveness, inequalities, and confinement, create.


Our vision is to

 operate outside of the limitations placed on a community that  is solely driven by a market economy and include the valued systems offered to us by ancient human traditions; the trade and gift economies. Whereas "money" is the currency of a Market Economy and essential in our current society, "mutual respect" is the currency of a Barter Economy, and, "abundance" for that of the Gift Economy, both essential for the positive growth of our species. 

We believe that through the combination of all available economic systems we invite a greater sense of abundance to all who participate and so that no one is left out from practical and experiential steps toward health and wellness. 

Check out how we operate within each economic system below.


Market Economy

Based on the capitalistic society we live in, the market economy necessitates the exchange of money for our services. If you have this as a form of energetic exchange and are able to pay for our services, this is a great option for you.

Barter Economy

We honor all types of exchange and believe the world goes around by celebrating different offerings.  We are open to the option of trade for our services if you feel you have a specific form of energetic exchange to offer us in return for our services, continue through the porthole.

Gift Economy

Taken from an article in emergence magazine, Robin Wall Kimmerer describes it best by saying, "Gratitude and reciprocity are the currency of a gift economy".


When we value a certain practice or offering so much, we want others to benefit from it as well. When we are able to, we do offer many provided services based on the gift economy. Take one of our offerings and use your unique skills and strengths to help someone else further down the line. But, as stated in the article noted above, when Gratitude is our first response, reciprocity is the next action. If you come across an offering here that is given to you as a gift, perhaps you have a gift you would like to share in return.


With each of our offerings, you will be able to check in with the practitioner about which economies are accepted as forms of energetic exchange.  

In Summary About Us

To reiterate a key point, anyone on a path towards wellness is well aware of the  effort required to build and maintain "whole human health", and, thus, understands the necessary development of a personalized set of practices to help keep one grounded, on-track, and tuned-in along the way...

Therefore, offerings made and received here should be viewed as tools for implementing and/or maintaining, a journey of self-development and healthy Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical-Social growth. 


Behind the screen and vision


here at Sacred in the Round is me, Pippa Dorfman, and I would like to welcome you with a personal note about a hard but valuable lesson I recently learned from a pandemic that took down my studio "with walls" and gave me the motivation to re-create a"studio-without-walls" and re-imagine the studio-with-walls as a space that holds greater potential for all practitioners who join and participate.

After four years, the sacred container created in the foothills of Mt. Mansfield at Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, was growing as a resource for the community. But as the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 closed our doors, by stepping outside of the boundaries that walls create, I was confronted with a metaphor for positive change:


We can use metaphor to be better prepared for the changing ways of our world and to evolve with resilience. Therefore, the lessons of dissolving walls, to me, meant not just more remote learning, but, also that when a studio with walls became a sense of confinement under a respiratory pandemic, then a studio without walls allows us to see in all directions without limits.  This opened me to new limits; the sky.


By breaking down metaphorical walls, we are expanding to an model of abundance, where we unravel the previous mode of limiting operations and re-weave the threads of exchange to be limitless.  Reflected in these lessons, the Yoga studio-without-walls will hold larger group classes or gatherings/events on a donation basis. Inside the studio-with-walls we will co-create a wellness collective and support each others wellbeing.  We will continue to utilize the benefits that going virtual has brought forth.  

Throughout Sacred in the Round offerings, you will consistently find interconnected symbols from Nature's cycles and rhythms. Even through our wellness collective, we seek to cooperate and cohabitate by lessening the burden of overhead costs for practitioners so that each practitioner is more able to include all economic systems in service.  You will also find that the ability to invest in one's whole human health through this porthole has less to do with one's financial ability and more to do with the specific needs of giver and receiver.  All hues of the rainbow are worthy. 

How we make offerings Accessible:

1.  Offerings are made available both locally (in-person) at a designated location, and, distance-based (remotely), we are not confined to one way of exchange;

2.  Through an on-going development of a wellness offerings, the menu will continue to grow and give more of our community a chance to connect with the healing technique that resonates for each unique path;

3.  By making our offerings available through: 

a. Trade (aka the Barter Economy);

b. Passing it forward (aka the Gift Economy); as well as, c. Monetary exchange (aka the Market Economy)*; we are able to serve the community at large and not just a select few.

*Sacred in the Round is also open to learning more ways of energetic exchange so long as it is in alignment with building abundance for both giver and receiver.



Welcome All!

...this online porthole seeks to connect you community members with one another and continue to enJoy the healing journey, together.


 Here are some of your options:

1. Explore our current Seasonal Offerings

2. Continue reading and exploring our concepts by reading through our website

3. Contact the dreamer of this vision Here to ask questions, seek  &/or request consults or healing practices, or collaborate and become a community partner. 


Vision for this Sacred porthole

  • To be an inviting space for you to include as a stepping stone along your path toward self-discovery and a greater sense of belonging in this "commUnity".

  • To empower you to become intimate with your unique gifts that can transform your life in a positive way.

  • To nurture abundance and authentic care for one another by utilizing all the economic systems we have at our fingertips rather than limiting ourselves to money-only exchange.

  • For members of this community on the receiving end to be able to choose from a varied set of Seasonal Offerings.


Who YOU are

& why YOU are

still exploring this website: 

  • The course of your life led you to understand that in order to walk your path with radiance & resilience, you realize that you must put the work into the maintenance of grounding work and that requires effortful practice and a personal bag of tools from which to draw your grounding tactics. 

  • You are happy to see that through our operations of exchange, money will not limit you to receiving practices that you can add to your journey.

  • You are on your path towards, or immersed in, self-discovery and positive-transformation, so you believe that any innovative technique known to create a ripple effect of positive change outward into the world around you might be one worthy of exploration. 

  • Whether you are offering or receiving something through this space, you realize that to be a true healer, or participant in a larger and healthy community, you can arrive in any given moment with the beginner's mindset from which you are able to grow and learn beyond the confines of a ego-attached existence.

  • You know you are a hue that makes up a colorful broader community and the idea that you've reached a platform that can connect you to those who understand your needs better, serves you.

You still here? 

Do read on...

How we support Abundance


Through the concept of personal growth and wellness, we work outside of the box. By operating under the Gift Economy, the Trade Economy, and the Market Economy, this allows us to choose which economy works best for our life situation with any given offering. 


We emphasize the interconnectedness of community


and realize that to build a stable, fulfilled, and wholesome life we must realize the importance that individual gifts create an overflow of abundance if tapped into through more expansive ways.

We work locally

(Vermont, USA) so we can be a part of the solution to the growing burdens of inequality and partake in this contagious awakening: that in order to find abundance in our life situations, we must not continue to limit ourselves to the Market economy solely as a means for personal abundance, rather, we should look back into the past and embrace the pillars set forth by the indigenous cultures before us in order to spiral forward with ingenuity to include in the transactions of daily living both the operations of Gift & Trade Economy as well as the necessary currencies that flow in a Market Economy. 


 Offerings here ebb and flow seasonally and place major emphasis on  Community Connections  to deepen our growth of  togetherness...