First Location: North Woods Red Yurt

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Outdoor Yoga Deck: Jeffersonville, VT

Welcome Home.

As the Turtle knows well, we are always home...

all we need to do is look within.


Services offered through Sacred in the Round should be viewed as tools to add to your collection for implementing, and/or maintaining, a  journey of positive transformation and wellbeing. 

Sacred in the Round has 2 locations:










1. The red yurt space in the north woods of Vermont, is devoted to the empowerment of women during the childbearing year. Pippa Dorfman, birth worker and prenatal Yoga instructor guide since 2011, often travels to her clients and students but this location can also be used as a sacred base. Location is given out only to clients.


Services include:​​

  • Yoga for women during pregnancy, couples to connect, and postpartum healing.

  • Ceremony & drum journey to honor rites of passage in a meaningful way (ie the facilitation of a blessingway) and to connect to the inner dimensions of self, womb, and empowerment.

  • Post-birth healing as guidance for women to come home to their bodies physically.

  • Labor & Birth Doula assistance to enhance the positive birthing experience for women and birth partners. Pippa has been attending births (home and hospital) since 2011 as a "doula" and she has given birth twice in her home with midwives.



2. The outdoor Yoga studio is 

situated in the foothills of Mt. Mansfield.




Services include:

  • Yoga for groups up to 13 students. Various teachers!

  • Facilitated Drum Journeys to gather information from the inner dimensions of self and use that along your way to Self understanding.

  • Workshops for community building and education in a wide range of fields. Sacred in the Round outdoor deck welcomes you all to host, attend, or inquire about workshops here.