Welcome Home.

As Turtle knows well, we are always home...all we need to do is look within.


Sacred in the Round is here to support that process by facilitating a multi-dimensional approach to Self-discovery through the disciplined practices of Yoga, drum journey, physical conditioning in Nature, and improving mental focus with a specific skill. 


  • Through this program we seek to encourage "whole human" wellness -including the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic & social balancing of health.


  • These specific practices of Self-inquiry assist clients with the discovery processes of both solitude and community.  

  • The steps toward finding and maintaining Self-awareness are personal to you and part of what we aim to facilitate on your journey within.


Main Services

These services should be viewed as tools to add to your collection for implementing, and/or maintaining, a  journey of positive transformation and wellbeing. 

  • Yoga: Private and/or group All-levels Asana Vinyasa, Hoop Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Healing Core Yoga, Stick Yoga, Lunar, Yin, and/or personal-designed Yoga practice;

  • Physical-Spiritual Nature Conditioning: Gratitude practice and maintaining relationship with Nature

  • Drum Journeys: To understand the inner processes and dimensions of self-development;

  • Sacred Circle School of Hooping Arts: Dance, Play, Yoga, and Crafting;

  • Red Yurt Project: Facilitation of ceremony and celebration of life's sacred transformations;

  • Childbearing year: Yoga, labor/birth Doula assistance, and postnatal healing core & fitness rehabilitation...

  • Lunar-Life Synchronizing: Integrating the Wheel for intentional living;


Nature Connection
We base our operations off the teachings given in abundance to us from the natural world: those of cooperation, inevitable change, cyclic flow, and of course, rhythm.  
Thereby we offer o
ur services within a range of economic systems that are not exclusive to capitalism, or the market economy only

We offer a specific set of culturally appreciative practices and ancient techniques to help guide you toward your personalized collection of tools along your journey towards self-empowerment and Self-discovery.

By working with Sacred in the Round, you can consider me your guide and coach to cheer you on, your facilitator and support system, but, you will always have the answers within and I am here to help you nourish that.

Then we learn together what your next steps need to be and we help encourage you to discover other practices you could gather that would help you personally walk your path of heart with grace and stability.

Sea Turtle


  • To be a stepping stone along your path toward self-discovery.

  • To empower you to become intimate with your unique gifts that can transform your life in a positive way.

  • To nurture abundance and authentic care for one another by utilizing all the economic systems we have at our fingertips rather than limiting ourselves to money-only exchange.


 We operate outside of the limitations placed on a community that  is solely driven by a market economy and include the valued systems offered to us by ancient human traditions; the trade and gift economies. Whereas "money" is the currency of a Market Economy and essential in our current society, "mutual respect" is the currency of a Barter Economy, and, "abundance" for that of the Gift Economy, both essential for the positive growth of our species. 

Sea Turtle