Welcome to our humble porthole...

Our intention is to foster personal inner growth through community abundance.

We share the intention that any offering provided through this porthole supports personal and community wellness through whole human growth (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and/or social) and strives to expand human evolution toward a more sustainable model of existence.

A healthy community


embraces, respects, and shares the gifts each inhabitant has to offer. 


We tap into the fullest expression of our modern day human experience by valuing each of a community member's unique offerings and personal needs...


By tapping into the rich resources we have in a community AS WELL AS using the resources  of monetary exchange, we are better able to build creative abundance in more ways than simply financial concerns.   

We are not just talking about adding in the barter system along with cash economy:

We support the concept of personal growth and abundance by working within the entire spectrum of economies. The Gift Economy, Trade Economy, and the Market Economy. This allows you (receivers/practitioners alike) to choose which economy works best for your life situation with any given offering. 

For example:

You enter this porthole searching for an offering that will help you achieve some personal physical goals that you need to address so you head to our Menu of Offerings link and scroll to BODY on the menu.  Next to the offering you see that best fits your need or an offering that catches your eye, you see whether the participant making the offer is willing to trade, needs money for the offering, or is gifting it so you can pay your own strengths forward.  


We emphasize the interconnectedness of community and realize that to build a stable, fulfilled, and wholesome life we must realize the importance that individual gifts create an overflow of abundance if tapped into through more expansive ways.

"Gratitude and Reciprocity are the currency of a gift economy, and they have the remarkable property of multiplying with every exchange, their energy concentrating as they pass from hand to hand, a truly renewable resource."

- Robin Wall Kimmerer 


We work locally (Vermont, USA) so as to inspire more communities to follow suit, and, so we can be a part of the solution to growing demands of inequality; so that we can partake in this contagious awakening: that in order to find abundance in our life situations, we must not continue to limit ourselves to the Market Economy solely as a means for personal abundance, rather, we should look back into the past and embrace the pillars set forth by the indigenous cultures before us in order to spiral forward with ingenuity to include in the transactions of daily living both the operations of Gift & Trade Economy as well as the necessary currencies that flow in a Market Economy. 

Through Sacred in the Round, we  facilitate  the communications between participants (giver and receiver) and connect those who are more able  and willing to monetarily pay for goods/services with community members who need to make offerings through the market economy, yet, we also connect participants who may not have financial stability but feel they have goods/services to trade in exchange as "currency transaction" for the offering at hand or as a means to help pay it forward. 

To better understand how participants are able to "choose" which economy they need to embrace, simply check into our Menu to see who/what/where/when an offering is available and whether or not the participant who is giving of the good/service offers it under the type of economy you wish to work with.


 Offerings   here ebb    and  flow    seasonally    And  place major emphasis on   Community Connections  to deepen our growth of  togetherness...


  • TO RECEIVE AN OFFERING, EXPLORE OUR SEASONAL MENU AND GET TO KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY'S GIFTS & TALENTS.  Please remember that as this community grows, more offerings will come and our menu will expand.

  • TO REQUEST AN OFFERING simply fill out this brief form and we will post it to the Community Needs section on our Menu. 

  • TO MAKE AN OFFERING AND GET CONNECTED WITH THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO EXPLORE YOUR SKILLS/TALENT/PRODUCT: Apply here  either via the market, trade, &/or gift economy. To make an offering through our porthole you will tap into our ever-growing community and we will work together to come up with a Market/Trade&/or Gift Economy Agreement with Terms of Service Contract.    

 Click on the blue dots below to learn more about how we operate through the economic  systems:

Market     Trade   &  Gift


Those behind the screen and vision here at this communal porthole, spend a lot of time, energy, and money to ensure the system runs smoothly. >>When we run into kinks and bumps, we are here to iron it out.<<


That is why we MUST function off of all three economic systems and maintain a monthly charge for each participating "Giver" in our Menu of Offerings.  

Full Disclosure: You may discontinue your participating monthly fee  at any time should you find this porthole is not in your best interest, otherwise your fee will continue monthly.


What the Fee consists of:

We ask that anyone making an offering  simply enroll as a "member".  We are a co-op of sorts that is working toward a more abundant and sustainable future, so your membership is in support of this vision.  Membership helps us to maintain this porthole, market YOUR offering, connect you with community members, and organize events.  Membership will be based on a sliding scale whereby you choose to either enroll at $5 per month to offer one item on our menu, $10 to make two offerings, $15 to make three offerings, and so on.

We ask that should anyone need to get paid through our online scheduling system, that we charge a percentage split on tope of your monthly membership rate.  This percentage split will be determined upon enrolling as a participating member and is negotiable based on your needs.

Other "fine print" you need to know is the Terms of Service and Economic Agreement Contract are essential for all participating receivers so that you are held accountable for manner in which you trade with the participating giver and/or pass forward your own talent/gift.  Should you enroll in the Gift Economy as a receiver, we will work with you to ensure you then "pay it forward" through our porthole based on your strengths and our shared intention for this community.