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The Metaphor

By breaking down barriers that divisiveness, inequalities, and internal confinement create for us, we are a Yoga studio-without-walls. What this means physically is that we offer outdoor events, classes, and workshops in person by a donation basis and virtually to reach a wider audience and become more accessible in an ever-changing world.


 To make our investment, of time and energy, to be inclusive to all economic situations so that no one is left out from practical steps toward health and wellness. 

We work locally

(Vermont, USA) so we can be a part of the solution to the growing burdens of inequality and partake in this contagious awakening: that in order to find abundance in our life situations, we must not continue to limit ourselves to the Market economy solely as a means for personal abundance, rather, we should look back into the past and embrace the pillars set forth by the indigenous cultures before us in order to spiral forward with ingenuity, courage, and integrity to include in the transactions of daily living both within the operations of Gift & Trade Economy, as well as, the necessary currencies that flow in a society that functions primarily in a Market Economy. 

How? we take donations, trades, and passing-it-forward as viable forms of your investment in our offerings on the deck and we offer patronage options for our virtual offerings.


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