It is our mission to effect positive transformation for individuals and community based on what Nature teaches us through cyclic, cooperative, and rythmic or unpredictable change.

In the work we offer here, we provide services Seasonally.

Our services are deeply rooted in energetic, physical, and spiritual renewal and we therefore believe it is important for the giver of these services to renew one's own personal practices therein and take pause during certain seasons for specific offerings.

 If you seek to create positive ripples in this life...

you have probably already discovered that in order to offer your strengths to the world you must first be grounded.  Therefore, we must find ways to maintain a solid practice of self-development in order to keep our foundation strong and settled as we grow and make ripples. 


Sacred in the Round is here to help you create this personalized set of practices through techniques to keep you on track, inward journeying, and steadfast on your path to effect positive outward change.

Sacred in the Round seeks to provide you with the empowerment you will need along your journey of positive change. The techniques we offer you aim to excavate your life's purpose and goals by helping you develop practices that allow you to intimately know your unique gifts and enhance your strengths. 

Here, we talk about the "sacred" as one's personal experience with the most treasured

and often mysterious aspects of being human, and, in connecting on the most profound level with life itself.

It is also evident in the human experience that we seek and cherish alignment with our unique purpose and connection with others. And so we know that through the unraveling processes and inward journeying you will take here, it is an honor to participate with you on your journey and we hereby respect any information you share with us about your experience during your processing, with confidentiality.


It might help at this point to let you know what Sacred in the Round is not and what it is:

1. No, you have NOT stumbled across another life coach in the world wide web, rather, you have found a compiled system of techniques that will help you take yourself deeper into your own source for positive change.

2. This is NOT a teacher-student relationship:

Rather, this is like a bag of tools that you can try along your path that we offer to help you stay aligned with your best-self, leave behind what doesn't work and take with you what does. 


3. Although we offer some spiritual techniques that are ancient in the art of human experience, we do NOT culturally appropriate in any of the methods we offer in this program: Rather, we have compiled tools, some that merit credit and will be given due respect, and some  that are innovative techniques designed to be used by humans for the human experience and evolution.


By using the techniques of self-discovery that we offer here we believe it is most helpful to call on Gratitude as our main teacher and therefore thank all of the teachers who helped make each method available today through cultural appreciation. 



What we mean by, "Sacred in the Round": 

By exploring within the realm of self-excavation, one must understand the affects that the season of life and cycles of body-mind-Nature that each on of us finds ourself in at any given moment, has a large influence on the steps we are now taking, and, thereby knowing and understanding the seasons of life, the cycles of nature, the habits of mind, and the disciplines in body, we will be stepping onto the path that we wish to create. 

In the techniques offered to you here, we adapt the symbolic representation of the sacred circle of life using drum, hoop, and the cycles of inner and outer world and to uncover the layers of self-discovery.




"Sacred in the Round"... 


seeks to support a profound personal transformation 

by facilitating specific sequential practices, holding the space for and supporting your experience of harmony with the deeper connections to self, empowerment, and the world around you.

Here's a Glimpse into some of the methodology found here:

Based on:

the energies present in the Lunar and Solar cycles,

life's seasons within and all around you,

information gathered from inward-seeking practices such as Yoga and drum journeying,

as well as, navigating a self-expressive form of storytelling, you will identify


why it is you are here and

what steps you will need to take

in order to fulfil your life's purpose and serve your personal strengths to the world around you. . 

It may be worth your time here to take a pause, a breath, and ask yourself, "Who inspires me? Why? Who do I inspire? How?", and, "What do I wish to be motivated to do and how do I wish to inspire others?"