Behind the Screens

In the thirty-six revolutions I have made around our Sun, it seems to me that the dichotomies we see with life and death, love and hate, suffering and joy, beauty and destruction, all have a single thread that connect these seemingly opposed forces.  What I am interested in is that thread of connection, that coin that shows two vastly different faces on either side, the encompassing circle that binds the yin and yang elements of this universe together. 

Due in large part from my journey with Yoga, but also in witnessing the death of loved ones and grief, change and uncertainty, and navigating life's obstacles, I have found an incredible opening in my heart. This opening has broken through a many-layered armor that I had apparently worked hard to build around it for many years. After witnessing this unbound sense of Gratitude that worked its way through that opening since, I have been on a quest to study the concept found within the Buddhist tradition called, Boddhichitta, (a person who is a warrior of the heart path who seeks to dive into what they call the soft spot in the heart that is essentially the crack into our inner Universe). I study this through the practice of Gratitude in many forms.

I also believe that where there is a dream there will be many steps to take to make that vision a reality. And where there are steps to take, ultimately they will be met with challenges along the way.  Therefore, it is up to each one of us dreamers to learn how to take the lessons we meet and apply them to the way we go about living and interacting with our visions and relations in the world. 

"In an exchange for the gift of this Life, I aim to give back through the art of empowerment. I practice Yoga to explore surrender and teach it as an extension of Gratitude.  I created Sacred in the Round in order to embrace my relationship with the world and serve others." -p.d.
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About Sacred in the Round


 When I first learned about yurts, or structures made for the wanderer but built to withstand harsh climates by design, I was immediately drawn to them. When I moved to Vermont in 2010, I sought out a used 20-foot yurt and it became my turtle shell. I felt so at home living in a round space that I just knew it needed to be an extension of my entrepreneurial efforts as well because it made me feel closer to the natural world and its sounds. As the turtle moves its home wherever it goes, I too moved my yurt northward several migrations and established Sacred in the Round in 2011 as my business from this yurt.


Sacred in the Round represents that journey we navigate through Nature's ever-changing cycles, rhythms, and uncertainties. 

Services within this business are based on the lessons that we witness from these processes and strategies that we are able to develop for personal strength and renewal during these processes.


I have taught Yoga for about sixteen years and practiced since I was a teenager navigating the athlete body.  I hold a Bachelor("ette") of Science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine and I have spent the years following this degree devoted to my development in and study of woman-centered childbirth assistance and sacred female well-being from various programs, wo-mentorships, and self-study.

I distinguish my life, hitherto, as a three-part narrative:

I. 0-17: Creative blank slate with influence from nature and nurture filled in by love, loss, curiosity, enthusiasm, naivety and innocence;

II. 17-29: Life-after the death of my brother by suicide, when I was 17 her brother 19, and, then of my father to Glioblastoma a year later.  This part, a re-birthing and awakening to the reality of death as our greatest teacher gave me the ravenous drive to explore the world and get the most out of life.  Filled in with a deeply rooted sense of grief, wonder, yearning, and discovery.  Never free from bumps and mistakes;

III. 29-present: Pregnancy and motherhood now provides me with the vantage point of life before my daughter and life after.


My teaching style is said to emerge from a place of intuition, an awareness of the energy and limitations of those present, and from a foundation of the safety and efficacy of proper alignment with an emphasis on breathwork. At age sixteen, my father introduced me to my first Yoga teacher, Pam Britton. My Dad, often the only man in attendance, would moan and groan making the women practitioners giggle.  Pam would embrace these "coo"s and integrate them within her class as if it were all a part of what she wanted to say and left a forever imprint on my own teaching style.  If it wasn't from my father, it was Pam who taught me the importance of maintaining a sense of humor in one's spiritual practice.  She also guided me to Kripalu where during the winter of 2004/5, I lived and worked in exchange for a deeper practice and understanding of the Yogic world.


Related Experience and Training:


Pippa received her Yoga teacher certification at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in 2005.


Since her Yoga teacher certification in 2005, Pippa has taught Yoga asana*, pranayama, and meditation to many people of various levels at studios and schools throughout New England, California, Tanzania, and Australia.  Her teaching methods have evolved to incorporate children, teens, pregnant women, and hoop dancers (HoopYoga.org) as well as to elders and those looking to heal from grief and gain self-empowerment.


Receiving her Bachelor of Science in Wellness & Alternative Medicine at Johnson State College, Vermont, in 2011, Pippa also studied the ways of the human body, "Human Kinetics" (University of British Columbia in 2009), and the multi-dimensional Liberal Arts (Bates College in 2004-06) for a well-rounded academic background.  Her athleticism brought her through the competitive scene in soccer and lacrosse and learning about discipline, comradery, and challenging oneself outside of one's comfort zones.

She believes that in order to stay aligned with a path of heart and integrity, we need to "reel our power back home" (B.Stevens) and empowers others to do the same through her specialty classes like Healing Core, Maiden Circle, Hoop Yoga, and Stick Yoga.


Pippa is a Dona Internationally trained Labor & Birth Doula (Bali, 2014), a certified prenatal Yoga teacher (Prenatal Method, 2014), post-natal fitness guide, and lifestyle entrepreneur.  


Pippa owned, managed, and taught regularly at Stepping Stone Yoga studio in Jeffersonville, Vermont from 2016-2021 (when the pandemic closed its doors). During the life of Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, with the help of some good friends and her life partner, Pippa birthed the Red Yurt Project, her contribution to the worldwide effort in healing the sacred feminine through events and gatherings, and the Yoga-studio-without walls concept of an outdoor Yoga deck that seeks to dissolve metaphorical barriers to economic inequality in the wellness field.

Pippa has collaborated over the years with Birth, Love, Family in her efforts to empower girls and women, and, from her private wo-mentorship  with teacher Jane Hardwicke Collings, she has developed a curriculum for a 2 year program for girls entering womanhood called the Maiden Seasons Program. 


Pippa enjoys beating the drum to help others journey through the inner dimensions of self and inward processing. This is a tool she learned from attending Jane's workshops and wo-mentorship and has since developed her technique over time with private and group drum journeys. She believes that the drum has a place in all human's hands and transcends the limitations of cultural appropriation if done so respectfully and without use of specific cultural techniques.


Creator and founder of Sacred in the Round, Hoop YogaPippa Hippa Hoops and co-creator of Green Mountain Hoop Troop, Pippa promotes hoop dance as a form of self-expression, using the artful and playful connection with the hoop as an intimate dance partner, and as a tool for meditation.

Hoop Dance Experience:

Taught hoop dance at the Artful Cup studio in Jeffersonville to adult women 2010

Taught in Cambridge Elementary's  21st century Enrichment program 2011-2012

Hosted a hoop-making workshop at Johnson State College 2011

Performed at Dealer.com's spring 2012 spring party

Performed with Conscious Roots at Nectar's Pub in Burlington 2012

Choreographed and coordinated Evolution Yoga's Burlington Art Hop hoop dance performance 2013

Part of The Human Canvas' performance at Magic Hat's Halloween Party at the Echo center in Burlington 2013

2014 Project with youth in Guatemala

Performer/choreographer at Celsius Winter Burn in Jericho, Vermont (December 2014)

Returning teacher at Frendly Gathering

Returning teacher at Vermont Dance Festival



In Gratitude

We must always honor those who have contributed to our path... I would first like to thank my mother, Christine Dahlsen, for showing me support, resilience, and constant compassion above all else, to my grandmother, Evelyn Dorfman, for modeling to me what strength is, to my friend and Yoga teacher, Fletcher Boote, for inspiring me to find my own voice in the world of Yogic expression, to all the teachers I have learned from, from Lisa (Joy) Lottie for showing me that there are no limits to hoop dancing and one must "just go out there and perform!" to those who have contributed to encouraging me on my path to find my dreams and live free.

Pippa Dorfman                                                       sacredintheround@gmail.com