A Program designed to
Grow Your Grief into G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E:

This program is for those who have traveled into grief, through grief, and accepted grief.  You are now ready to find a Yoga program that will help you build healthier coping mechanisms for the rest of your journey.

G. grief

Grief comes in many forms and so do the coping mechanisms associated with its aftermath. 

A. access

But being able to come out of that grief using healthy tools for transformation, those who have witnessed this depth of human experience are more able to witness its opposite.

I. inner

We have the tools within each one of us to accomplish this transformation.

U. under

Through the tools and techniques I have learned, practiced, and, now implemented into this new program, I have been able to get off prescribed medication, sustain healthy relationships, create healthy boundaries, and feel free from the suffering that my misunderstood relationship with grief had on me. 

E. engagement

Through weekly one-on-ones, group sessions, attendance through self-paced online content and activities, you will devote 1 to 2 hours per day to the work that will bring you closer to self-discovery, peace, and freedom from suffering.

R. related

One thing for certain is that grief brings us to the depths of human experience in one direction.

T. to

What if, instead of relying on habitual coping strategies that numb our relationship with grief, we can grow this intimate relationship into Gratitude?

T. thankfulness

We don't have to end our relationship with grief nor do we need to hide it or push it away. We can discover that the strength and resilience within are what keep filling our Gratitude well and what draw upon that well when we feel dry. 

D. disciplined

This program is an 8-week long intensive to help get those who are in this stage of life ready to dig down deep and rediscover the depths of emotion in a positive and transformative way. Growing your grief into Gratitude doesn't mean we have to be thankful for the cards that were dealt, it means we re-learn how to use our  experience with grief to better our life situation and stay in alignment with our heart path.

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