Behind the Yoga Vision at Sacred in the Round

A Metaphor for Change

After four years, the sacred container created in the foothills of Mt. Mansfield known as, Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, was a growing  resource for the community. Alas, as the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 closed our doors, I decided to use metaphor as a way to be better prepared for the inevitable ways of uncertainty and to evolve with resilience. The lessons of dissolving walls meant, to me, that when a studio with walls limits us under a respiratory pandemic then a studio without walls allows us to "see the sky" as our limit.
Therefore I welcome you to, Sacred in the Round, a studio-without-wall outdoor Yoga deck (and pavilion canopy coming soon!). This is a meeting place for offerings in-person on the octagonal outdoor deck.

 -Pippa Dorfman


Breaking down walls means breaking down barriers...

Physically, the walls to our studio dissolved to spiral into the 30-foot Octagonal Outdoor Deck as well as an online Zoom meeting space to be better suited as a Studio-with-out-walls.


Metaphorically, we become a part of the solution to the growing burdens of economic inequality and embrace the pillars set forth by indigenous cultures before us to move forward with courage and integrity; including, within the transactions of the Wellness field, the currencies upheld both within a Gift & Trade Economy, as well as the necessary monetary currency that flows within a society that functions primarily in a Market Economy. 

How we participate in dissolving barriers:

We take Barter (trades), Gifts (passing-it-forward), as well as, monetary (donations, sliding scales, or set asking prices) as viable forms of exchange for many of our offerings.

We also offer patronage options to ensure sustainability for our regular virtual offerings within the market economy.


When you enter into the Gratitude currency that is upheld within the Gift Economy, you are honoring both your giver and self as valuable gifts for this world and you are receiving an offering with a firm commitment to pay your strengths forward to someone who needs them in the future.


When you enter the Barter system with us, we mutually agree upon a trade that feels good between the two of you prior to the offering.


When you enter the market economy currency you are using money as energetic exchange and either pay for an offering with a set cost or you join a "donation-based" offering and bring what money you can. 


If you join a donation-based offering, you may exchange money, your trade, or future time (Gifting it forward), but, please make your decision clear to the instructor prior to class.

Note, it is free to sign-up for a donation-based offering so that you may consider these options and be clear upon your arrival.