Why A Collective?

To be a reliable resource center for those who live in, and frequent, Jeffersonville (Vermont) can find quality services and various forms of healing practices to choose from in order to gather tools, techniques, and practices that will support you along your Way. 

We are also here to support healing professionals, as well as striving professionals in the "Wellness" field, join in a sacred space to build, and share in, our growing community.

This wellness collective is based in Jeffersonville, Vermont with stunning views of Madonna, Sterling, and Mansfield mountains. We are situated in a shared building space of artists and entrepreneurs, and surrounded by the land owners' homestead with sheep grazing and chickens clucking. 

We welcome Wellness Practitioners in the broader sense of the term as independent contractors to offer their specialty to an equally special mountain community.  We keep it simple; if you live near the area, and/or, pass through frequently enough, becoming a part of this wellness collective will help create the buzzing beehive we wish to create for the broader mountain community, will help practitioners broaden their audience and clientele, and will provide a nourishing space for anyone to rent out for an event, workshop, or even part of homeschooling. The sky is the limit. We want to lessen the overhead costs for all participating so we can all call in abundance, together. Becoming a part of this wellness collective places you on our calendar of events, website profile, community board of events, and email/social medial marketing for the collective.



Available Services



[in-person as well as virtual]

Stick Yoga   Hoop Yoga   .  Healing Core .

 Yin Yoga .

One-on-one Yoga: Asana Vinyasa   

Small group Yoga: Asana Vinyasa   

Prenatal Yoga  Restorative Yoga . 

Hoop Dance


Physical-Spiritual River & Mountain Walking Guide



Drum Journeying

Lunar re-Alignment 




Labor/Birth Consultation & Doula Assistance

PP Healing Work

Red Yurt Ceremony Facilitation:

Menarche celebration;

Maiden Seasons program;

Moon circles;

Blessing-way Celebration Facilitation;

Birth-day Ceremony Faciliation.




Want to get involved?

  The most successful model to create abundance, especially in rural Vermont, is to be in this together.

In this Wellness Collective you will see collaboration and inspiration, practitioners coming together to help one another in order to strive to make a living at what we do best. 

It is our goal to bring together a handful of wellness practitioners (a broad sense of the term) who are experienced, motivated, reliable, and approachable practitioners interested in bringing his/her/their talents into a collective in a small mountain community. We are looking for those who are rooted to this area and able to honor commitments. Working here would not only mean having a space of your own weekly for a full day, half of a day, or even two hours in a day, to grow your practice, but also to enter into a community that has already been oriented to this studio as a healing space with Stepping Stone Yoga Studio over the past five years. The main goal is to work cooperatively and collaboratively with you and support each other’s work.

The space includes a walk-in back room and a full open studio, access to bathroom and internet. Access to the outdoor deck is per reservation only. 

As an independent contractor, you will accept all monies from your offerings and you will pay rent for one full (three month) season up front. You could also be a member of the community who wishes to rent the space for a reason other than business for a wholesome space to spend time in with you, your family, or friends. 


Please create a word document and attach it to an email:



Please include: 

Your experience in your field of interest or your reason for renting the space

(EX. an extra and wholesome space for homeschooling, etc.);

The details of your practice and/or business dreams;

Your desired amount of time at the shared space. 


Please also describe:

Where you come from, where you are now, and where you are going. 

This is so I can get a sense of who you are.  I would like to try and create a nourishing and rich soil for this flower to blossom. Therefore, I care more about hearing your perspective on how you see your own strengths and weaknesses, how you work through your ups and downs, and how you interact in and with this world, rather than what letters you may have beside your name, though you can include those if you feel it helps get your overall picture across.